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Career Preparation

Whether it's looking for a part-time job or a job shadow to support your classroom experience and get first-hand knowledge about your major and career, or a full-time professional position, Continuing Education & Career Services provides a connection to hundreds of current employment opportunities. Let us help prepare you for your next step through our Career Preparation Workshops!

  • Job search
  • Resume & cover letters
  • Interviewing skills


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a detailed Interviewing Guide which is recommended. Thank you letter information is included.​​


KCC’s graduates and students can help you and your business. Through College Central Network, you can advertise job opportunities and internships as well as review resumes—all at no cost!

Employers can post job opportunities exclusively with Kankakee Community College or with CCJobNet, a partnership of 14 community colleges in northern Illinois region. Register with CCJobNet and your jobs will be posted with all of these schools:


You must register and be approved in order to post jobs or conduct resume searches. See restrictions below.

  • Go to CCJobNet or KCC's area on the site.
  • Select the Employers icon. Read the Welcome to the Employer Services page.
  • Choose Register Now. Enter information and create an Access ID. If the ID you choose is already in the database, add a letter(s) or number(s) or an underscore.  All IDs must be unique.
  • Once approved by Career Services or CCJobNet, you will receive an email confirming your Access ID and informing you of your password.

Helpful Tips

  • Provide details that make your job postings attractive to students/alumni/community members.  You may copy and paste job descriptions.
  • If posting part-time jobs, please list hours required.
  • List the city or area where the job is located to aid job seekers.
  • You can edit the resume submission deadline date to best meet your recruitment parameters.
  • Be sure to provide an email address in the contact information.
  • List as many new job opportunities as you like – the service is unlimited and free.
  • Repost expired jobs if they are still open or become open again.
  • Expire jobs when they have been filled so they cannot be viewed.
  • For resume searches, the more criteria you choose, the more limited your results will be.
  • Use the toolbar Back button to exit out of resumes opened in Internet Explorer.


Job opportunities that are ineligible for listing at KCC or with CCJobNet include, but are not limited to, in-home situations, independent businesses, and independent marketing or independent sales opportunities. KCC and the CCJobNet partnership does not promote opportunities where job seekers are required to provide a monetary commitment or that do not provide a guaranteed wage or compensation.

The ability to conduct resume search passwords will not be issued to employment or temporary placement agencies, search firms, third party recruiters or companies providing independent marketing or independent sales opportunities.


College Central Network connects job seekers to opportunities for full or part-time employment locally and nationwide. As a KCC student, you can register for this service at no cost.


  • Go to KCC's area of the College Central Network
  • Click the Students icon
  • Click on Create Account
  • Enter your student ID for User ID and create a personal password (up to 10 characters using letters, numbers or the underscore character).
  • After you log in, you must complete a short registration form.

Check back often for new postings

You can also search College Central Network’s national job board, which has more than 100,000 entry-level job postings available nationwide. New jobs are added daily, including entry-level jobs from nearly 150 newspapers. College Central also features a library of career guidance articles written by industry experts to help you explore career options.

Questions? Contact KCC Career Services at 815-802-8222 or email

General job listings

  • - Lists entry-level positions for college grads.
  • - Enables jobseekers to find jobs posted on multiple websites in a single search.
  • - Allows jobseekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards. Also provides salary information for specific occupations.

Job Fairs


KCC's internship program helps students apply classroom knowledge in real-world work environments. Interns develop competencies in their profession, increase confidence in their skills and establish professional connections. Employers benefit from the fresh perspective and talents interns bring to the workplace.

To ensure a successful internship, KCC provides guidance with the following:

·         Developing a position description

·         Posting internship positions

·         Providing job training

·         Conducting ongoing supervision and feedback

·         Completing evaluations

Students: Become an Intern

Employers: Host an intern


After a seasonal work layoff, Jon Meyer decided to go back to school. He enrolled in KCC’s Manufacturing Technology program.

“During the last semester I was enrolled at KCC I was required to complete a Capstone course called The BSNS 2423 Internship Experience. Luckily, I had found employment at Yoshino America Corporation, a bottling company in University Park, just before enrolling in this course. My position at the company is a Maintenance Technician. I am responsible for keeping all equipment in the building running at 100%.My official internship experience lasted sixteen weeks. During this time I had 4 evaluations of my performance, and worked closely with KCC and my employer to incorporate all the knowledge I had gained. All my supervisors worked hard to assist with the internship and were excited about what I could bring to the company. All requirements of the internship were able to be fulfilled through my regular work requirements while continuing through my final 18 credit hour semester.

My knowledge gained at KCC has not only given me an edge but made me a force to be reckoned with. I feel that at this point there is nothing I can’t build, repair, wire, program, or troubleshoot. If there is a task I am not sure about how to complete, my skills can guide me to find a way to complete it correctly.

“Going to KCC was the best decision I have ever made. It will forever change my life and the lives of my family. I couldn’t be happier with all the knowledge I gained.”


Kim Schott
Coordinator of Career Services
(815) 802-8222
Fax (815) 802-8201

Career Planning

Invest time in deciding your career path—it’s one of the most important decisions you can make. It doesn’t matter if you are undecided about what to study. KCC Career Services can help.

KCC’s Career Development Counseling offers activities and resources that help you explore careers, prepare you for employment, and guide you in transferring to other colleges, all of which sets you on a path toward career success. Here’s how you can benefit from Career Development Counseling:

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Improve your opportunity for college and career success
  • Become more marketable upon graduation
  • Be better prepared for your future

Discover Your Purpose

Your first step in deciding on a career should be deciding what you will study in college. The MyPlan career assessment can guide you in deciding on the major that’s right for you. MyPlan considers your values, interests, skills, and personality. This assessment is available at no charge, so the only investment you have to make is about an hour of your time.

  1. Click on Take me to MyPlan 
  2. Click on Assessment
  3. Click on Create Free Account
  4. Use the license code upekt6z5 on the second page of the registration process.

After you complete the four assessments, you can access your results immediately. You will have access to your results anytime from any computer. Just log in at with your username and password.

Discuss Results With an Expert

After you complete the MyPlan Career Assessment, schedule time with our career counselor. She can help you analyze your results so you can make informed decisions about your field of study and career goals.

Additional Resources

One Source - Workforce and career information.

CareerOneStop - Toolkit for exploring careers, finding jobs, learning about industry trends, and comparing salary information.

Career Key - Expert help with career choices, based on scientifically valid practices of career counseling.

Black Collegian Online - Information on career development, self-development, and job opportunities.

Exploring Majors and Careers - Self-assessments and other tools to help you consider different majors and explore careers. Developed by the University of Tennessee.​​​